Establish Maryland as an immigrant-friendly state, welcoming all people to contribute to our economy and society.

Pass a full Trust Act

  • Bar prisons from holding immigrants longer than their state sentence for ICE without a separate warrant from a judge.

  • Prohibit local law enforcement from enquiring about immigration status, a federal crime.

Immigrants are a boon to this country and this state. At every level of wealth or education immigrants commit crime at lower rates than native-born citizens and are employed at higher rates than comparable native-born citizens.[102] When there are more qualified workers in Baltimore our tax base expands, businesses want to hire workers here, immigrants start new businesses themselves, and our neighborhoods become safer and more stable. Since immigrants are good for Baltimore, we must ensure that Baltimore is good for them. Baltimore needs a larger tax base and encouraging immigration is an effective way to grow our population and attract hard workers. Immigrants who come into this country at the bottom of the economic ladder must not be destined to remain there - policies that promote a path to legal immigration allow all people to move upwards.

Immigration is largely controlled by the federal government and the current administration has unfortunately made its anti-immigrant preferences all too clear. But we hope to work at the state level to make Maryland as friendly to immigrants as possible. The Trust Act, which prevents Maryland law enforcement agencies from coordinating with ICE to deputise themselves as deportation forces, must be passed. We are all safer when every Maryland resident feels safe around law enforcement officers.[103] If officers spend their time and resources addressing local violent and property crime, rather than investigating federal immigration status, our immigrant communities will be more likely to trust the police force, report local crimes, and help make our cities safer. Maryland police officers should be investigating Maryland crimes, not pursuing the immigrants who are contributing to our state and our economy.


102 Ewing, Martinez, Rumbaut, “The Criminalization of Immigration in the United States,” 2015, p. 1-2.

103 Tom Wong. “The Effect of Sanctuary Policies on Crime and the Economy,” January 2017.

Authority: Friends of J.D. Merrill, Josh K. Russakis, Treasurer.

P.O. Box 5685, Baltimore, MD 21210