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We're Supporting J.D.

Sheila A. Dixon
Former Mayor of Baltimore

"I’m supporting J.D. Merrill because he’s young, he’s energetic, and I know he’ll work hard on behalf of all of us."

DeRay McKesson
Civil Rights Activist

"J.D. won't just talk about civil rights and social justice, he'll build coalitions necessary to deliver real results for our communities."

Rikki Spector
Former City Councilwoman, District 5
Councilman Ed Reisinger
City Council, District 10
Councilman Brandon Scott
City Council, District 2

"J.D. is hardworking, determined, and understands the challenges facing Baltimore's families"

Senator Bill Ferguson
46th District

"To improve educational equity in Maryland we need to continue to build political power around the idea that every student has a right to a quality education. J.D. knows what’s at stake."

Councilwoman Shannon Sneed
City Council, District 13
Senator Craig Zucker
14th District


“J.D. Merrill is for our neighborhoods, and we are for him. He’s the leader we trust to bring hardworking and accountable representation back to the 41st district.”

Alex Friedman

Youth Commissioner, 5th District

Cross Keys: 

Steve Sachs,

Former Attorney General

Mt. Washington: 

Lindsey White

North Roland Park:

Gregg Bernstein, Former Baltimore City States Attorney


Domonique Flowers


Henry Kay & Beth Harber

Edmondson Village: 

Katrina Armwood

Windsor Hills: 

Arthur Boyd & Meg Meyer

Roland Park: 

Mary Page Michel

Forest Park: 

Sharon Bradford

Park Heights:

Oscar Cobbs

Rognel Heights:

Don Sherrod

Hunting Ridge:

Nancy Smith

West Hills:

Warren Smith


Harold Diggs

Grove Park:

Dr. Helena Hicks

Hilltop 4100:

Matt Minson


Wanda Wallace


Dorothy Cunningham

"Mr. Merrill's experience as a teacher at his alma mater, City College, and as a top aide at the city schools headquarters has given him an acute understanding of the challenges Baltimore students face. His agenda centers on fostering upward mobility in Baltimore, primarily by ensuring that every student goes to an excellent school...We endorse Mr. Merrill."



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